Annual volunteer survey

Each year we survey our volunteers to understand more about them, their skills and needs.

The most recent survey, carried out in August 2016 with a participation rate of 33% showed that 93% of volunteers rated their overall experience as excellent or very good, slightly higher than in 2015.

In terms of satisfaction, volunteers were more positive about the physical access into the working area and the challenging and stimulating aspects of the work.

Looking forward, volunteers would like to understand more about how the projects they are working on fit into the bigger picture, as well as gaining a better view on the positive outcome of all the volunteer projects we are currently working on, especially when they come to an end or reach key milestones.

Volunteer supervisors are addressing these issues and have put together a survey action plan to consider ways in which we can communicate more effectively.

Actions include launching a volunteer e-newsletter in 2017, publishing more blogs on volunteer experiences and projects on our website, and sharing and promoting the value of volunteering more actively, including running events during National Volunteer Week in June.