'For the Record. For Good.' sets out our long-term business plan for 2011-15, and our strategic priorities for this four-year period. The second part of the document below includes our specific business priorities for 2014-15, and this section is updated annually to ensure that we are open and transparent in our plans, our progress, and most importantly how we are spending public money.

Our priorities for 2013-14, and our performance against them, may be found in our most recent annual report and accounts.

For the Record. For Good. Our Business Plan for 2011-15 (PDF, 0.42Mb)

We will launch our new business plan for 2015-2019 later this year.

You can see more information about how we spend public money on our Transparency pages.

Digital strategy

The presentation below, delivered by Oliver Morley, former Chief Executive and Keeper, The National Archives, sets out the key points of our digital strategy.

Presentation on The National Archives' Digital Strategy (PDF, 3.27Mb)

Digitisation programme

Our digitisation programme sets out how we plan to make more of our content available online, the projects that are in development and some of our successes.

Digitisation programme 2008-13 (PDF, 0.11Mb)

National Collections Strategy

The National Collections Strategy is an initiative to identify where the documentary heritage of England and Wales is under-represented in archives, and to address the reasons why.

National Collections Strategy (PDF, 0.08Mb)

Visit the Collection strategies page to find out more.

Plans from previous years

Our strategic plans for previous years are no longer current documents, but you can still access versions for reference. Find them in the UK Government Web Archive.

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