Jacqueline Moon

  • Position: Senior Conservation Manager – Public and Academic Engagement
  • Specialism: Heritage science, Photographic materials
  • jacqueline.moon@nationalarchives.gsi.gov.uk

Jacqueline Moon is conservator of photographic materials at The National Archives.

She recently completed a Master of Research in Heritage Science at University College London to investigate yellowing in silver gelatine photographs.

This research investigated the extent to which changes in colour, assessed both visually and instrumentally, could be related to damage processes and condition in silver gelatine photographs.

Jacquie is currently leading a collaborative project with the British Film Institute to explore opportunities for heritage science research to inform the management of large collections.

The project is focussed on the Institute’s collection of very early British film, which they have been digitising for online access as part of the ‘Unlocking Film Heritage’ programme. Read more about Jacqueline’s work with the British Film Institute.

For more information on caring for The National Archives’ photographic collection, read her blog.