Find details of our latest projects, covering a variety of topics and sectors.  

First World War military service tribunals: MH 47

Find out about the project to digitise the MH 47 papers (appeals for exemption from compulsory military service) and make them name searchable online.

Cataloguing projects

See our latest projects to improve and enhance the catalogue.

Discovery: our catalogue

Find out about our replacement system for the Catalogue: Discovery. Discovery makes it easier for everyone to search and use our collection, from first-time users to experienced researchers.

20-year rule

Find out how the government will move towards releasing records when they are 20 years old, instead of 30 years old.

Colonial administration records

Find out about the transfer and release of colonial administration records, referred to as the 'migrated archives', between April 2012 and November 2013.

Collection care projects

See the research we are undertaking on the conservation and preservation of documents.

Digital preservation projects

See our latest collaborations in the area of digital preservation.

Resource enhancement projects

The National Archives has been involved with a number of innovative projects to make our historical sources more accessible:

  • Bomb Sight: Mapping the World War Two London Blitz bomb census
  • Calendar of Fine Rolls Henry III,1216- 1248
  • Calendar or Patent Rolls Elizabeth I, 1583-1603
  • Calendar of Medieval Inquisitions Post Mortem Henry VI, 1432-1442
  • Records of Central Government Taxation in England, 1190-1690

Funding Research Project

The National Archives and the Internation Centre for Archives and Records Management Research and User Studies (ICARUS) at University College London are undertaking a research project to investigate the current landscape of funding of the UK archive sector. Find out more about the project.