The importance of maintaining a sound physical infrastructure - roads, railways, utilities and so on - is well-recognised. Government has accepted this and a national physical infrastructure plan now exists. Professor Dieter Helm has estimated that the cost of Government's physical infrastructure plans is about £500bn over the next decade. Alongside investing in physical infrastructure, however, developing an information infrastructure offers a relatively inexpensive additional way of growing the economy, and helping society.

Government has made major steps in easing access to the wealth of public sector information (PSI) through the Open Data initiative. Various studies have projected large economic and social benefits from easier access to such information and the exploitation of new technology in mining it to provide new or better services. However, to date, the approach has not been as strategic as that followed for the national physical infrastructure.

APPSI has been considering the strategic dimension to PSI re-use since 2010. It has now summarised its views on what should be done in a paper entitled A National Information Framework for Public Sector Information and Open Data. The purpose of this paper is to seek views on the proposal so as to help APPSI carry out its advisory role.

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A National Information Framework for PSI and Open Data (PDF, 0.37Mb)

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