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The Archive Service Accreditation standard and supporting guidance are available on this page.

Archive Service Accreditation standard (PDF, 0.35MB)

Achrediad Gwasanaethau Archifau: Y Safon (PDF, 0.39MB)

The standard defines good practice and identifies agreed standards, thereby encouraging and supporting development. The standard is aligned with other relevant quality assurance schemes, improvement tools and data gathering processes.

It is aimed at organisations that hold archive collections, whatever their constitution, and covers both private and public sector archives. It enables archive services to review and develop their policies, plans and procedures against a UK wide standard which has been developed by the archives sector, identifying strengths of the archive service and providing a framework to improve areas of weakness.

Standard and guidance

Archive Service Accreditation is supported by a suite of documents which explain the scheme.

  • Archive Service Accreditation standard: this lists the requirements a service must achieve to meet Archive Service Accreditation and the outcomes that can be expected
  • Guidance and scalability documents: these will help archive services complete the application form and understand the requirements for meeting the standard for their particular service
  • Glossary: explains some of the terms used in the guidance
  • Cross reference tables: indicates where the standard links to other standards and schemes

Archive Service Accreditation standard (PDF, 0.35MB)

Achrediad Gwasanaethau Archifau: Y Safon (PDF, 0.39MB)

Archive Service Accreditation guidance (PDF, 0.66MB)

Achrediad Gwasanaethau Archifau: Canllawiau  (PDF, 0.77MB)

Archive Service Accreditation: Scalability (PDF, 0.16MB)

Achrediad Gwasanaethau Archifau: Graddfeydd (PDF, 0.27MB)

Archive Service Accreditation application form (for reference only) (PDF, 0.66MB)

Achrediad Gwasanaethau Archifau: Ffurflen gais (PDF, 0.59MB)

Application form for review of Archive Service Accreditation (for reference only) (PDF, 0.30MB)

Ffurflen Gais Adolygu'r Gwasanaeth Archifau Achrededig (PDF, 0.34MB)

Eligibility guidance (PDF, 0.66MB)

Achrediad Gwasanaethau Archifau: Meini Prawf Cymhwyster (PDF, 0.68MB)

Archive Service Accreditation glossary (PDF, 0.10MB)

Geira Archrediad Gwasanaethau Archifau (PDF, 0.12MB)

Statement of withdrawal of Archive Service Accreditation (PDF, 0.13MB)

Datganiad ar Dynnu Statws Achrededig yn Ôl (PDF, 0.28MB)

Cross reference tables (XLS, 0.06MB)

Changes to Archive Service Accreditation application form November 2014  (OCX, 0.02MB)

Frequently asked questions

Find out more about Archive Service Accreditation by reading our frequently asked questions below.

Archive Service Accreditation FAQs (PDF, 0.23MB)

How to define an archive

For more information on what an archive is, read the following guidance:

What are archives? (PDF, 0.15MB)

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