Decisions on the award of accreditation are made by the Archive Service Accreditation Panel who meet up to four times a year to review applications and recommendations for accredited status.

2015 Archive Service Accreditation Panels

  • 5 March 2015
  • 1 July 2015
  • 5 November 2015

Future panel dates

Archive Service Accreditation Panels will meet in the following months to review applications:

  • Late February
  • June
  • October

Accreditation award

The panel may decide to award Provisionally Accredited status to those services which are close to meeting all the requirements of the standard. This is awarded on the understanding that this status stands for up to two years before a new full application will be required. The panel will specify a deadline for a full application in each case.

Applicants receive a copy of the assessment report sent to the panel which highlights the strengths of their application and suggests future development priorities for the service.

See the Archive Service Accreditation assessment report (PDF, 0.11Mb)

All applicants will receive an indication as to whether or not they are accredited within three months of submitting their applications with formal notification following the decision of the Archive Service Accreditation Panel at their next meeting.

Renewing Archives Service Accreditation

Accredited archives will be asked to renew their accredited status after two to three years by reporting changes to their original application, such as delivery of plans and updated information on governance, staffing, access provision and building.

Should any major change to the archive service be planned in the meantime, then the assessing body should be contacted. A 'major change' may include substantial changes to governance or staffing, a premises move or a significant change to access provision.

Archive services will be required to make new full application after a further two to three years to retain accredited status.

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