Research reports

This page contains research and evaluation reports of completed projects. These are important for informing future priorities and helping archives demonstrate their value.


The National Archives have come together with Research Libraries UK to commission a piece of guidance which explores how archives and academic institutions can better collaborate with one another. The Guide to collaboration between the archive and higher education sectors was produced by Caroline Peach (of Preservation Matters) and is the result of an extensive period of research involving colleagues from across the archival and academic sectors. It explores many of the benefits and challenges of working between sectors, and it is a part of The National Archives’ wider collaboration with Research Libraries UK.

Guide to collaboration between the archive and higher education sectors (PDF, 0.48MB)

See a video of Caroline Peach talking through the research findings that underpin this guidance.

Sustainable services

Funding and constitution/alternative service models

Workforce and volunteering

Collections management, development and care

Collections mapping

Collections and Collecting: a survey of university archives (2009) (PDF, 0.31MB)

Local authority building plans survey

Building survey England post 1974

Building survey Wales post 1974

Building survey England pre 1974

Building survey Wales pre 1974

Collections and collecting: a survey of university archives (2009) (PDF, 0.31MB)

Funding Archives

Funding the Archive Sector: Executive Summary (PDF, 0.27MB)

Funding the Archives Sector (PDF, 1.06MB)

Digital preservation mapping

Digital services and archive audiences: local authority archives 2014 (PDF, 1.27MB)

Finding Archives summary (PDF, 0.66MB)

National Cataloguing Grants Scheme Five Year Review (PDF, 0.00MB)

Developing your archives

Learning and young people

Strategic Commissioning Education Programme (PDF, 0.05MB)

Increasing accessibility

Community archives

Demonstrating Impact

Local Authority funded archive services

Transforming local archive services: a collection of thirteen case studies (PDF, 0.83MB)

Tourism and economic impact

Social impact

Sense of place

Overview of the archives sector

Survey of Special Collections and Archives in the United Kingdom and Ireland

Religious Archives Survey 2010

Religious Archives Survey 2010 (PDF, 0.58MB)

Appendices to the Religious Archives Survey 2010 (PDF, 2.61MB)

Listening to the past, speaking to the future

These reports are mostly of historical interest, but still provide some useful statistics in the discussion papers.

Older mapping and development studies

Our shared past: an archival Domesday for England (PDF, 0.38MB)

Our shared past: developing 21st century archive services (PDF, 0.45MB)

Further reports

For OPSI reports and reports on the re-use of public sector information, go to information management reports and publications.