Assessment process

Our cataloguing grants strand has a two-phase application process.

  • Phase 1 focuses on determining eligibility and meeting basic requirements, followed by assessing the significance of the collection and the need for cataloguing.
  • Phase 2 focuses on project planning, reliability and likelihood that the applicant can successfully deliver the project.

Phase 1 – First sift

The Archives Revealed team will carry out a first sift of applications based on basic eligibility criteria and minimum requirements.

To pass the first sift, your application must be complete with all requested information and attachments provided, and your organisation/archive service must

  • be eligible to apply to our cataloguing grants programme
  • offer access to archive collections to people outside the organisation
  • have access to professional archival expertise
  • have not submitted another application to Archives Revealed cataloguing grants in this round

Please see How to apply and Help with your application for more guidance.

Applications that meet the eligibility criteria and basic requirements will continue in the assessment process.

Phase 1 – Panel assessment

Eligible applications that meet the minimum requirements for the programme will go for further assessment by our independent assessment panel.

They will score the applications using an agreed assessment matrix and scoring method, and then discuss the applications in a panel meeting to make award decisions.

Phase 2 – Panel decisions

The Archives Revealed team will carry out an initial check to ensure that eligibility requirements are still met, after which the assessment panel will assess all applications against an agreed assessment matrix and scoping method.

The panel will then meet to discuss the applications and scoring, and make a final decision on each application.

At the phase 2 panel meeting the final decision on each application will be one of the following:

  • Application successfully awarded funding
  • Application should review elements of the project plan and resubmit at the next phase 2 deadline
  • Application has been unsuccessful

Cataloguing grants assessment panel

The assessment panel for Cataloguing grants is an independent panel made up of eight members, including the chair.

Members are selected to represent a broad range of organisations and geographical spread. Selection is based on their knowledge of the archive sector, knowledge of cataloguing, and understanding of how to assess the significance of collections.