The Higher Education Archive Programme

The Higher Education Archive Programme #HEAP is part of The National Archives’ continuing programme of engagement and sector support with particular archival constituencies. Research will underpin the programme (including a series of research papers), building on a foundation of engagement and mapping work. It will be a mixture of strategic and practical work encompassing activity across The National Archives and the wider sector including guidance and training, pilot projects and advocacy.

One strand of the programme will involve facilitating a series of network meetings following feedback from the successful roundtable meeting held at The National Archives last autumn.

Following March’s archivists network meeting, the next HE archivists network meeting will be on Wednesday 8 June 2016 at The National Archives, so do save the date. The morning will focus on the development of a strong strategic vision and new archives policy, plus a proposal around creative research in the archives, and the afternoon will be your chance to get involved with the research piece on HE Collecting Drivers.

September 2015 Network Meeting Notes (DOC, 0.03MB)

Archive Accreditation at Bradford Presentation (PPT, 1.33MB)

Action Plan Presentation  (PPT, 1.39MB)

The action plan

The action plan for the programme has been designed in consultation with a steering group involving participants from across the HE sector. The steering group will help us to further shape our offer for higher education archives, and ensure we achieve some tangible results. The programme was developed through a co-design process with higher education archivists, where we jointly identified key risks and opportunities and actions in response. The programme draws on the successful methodology of our development programme for local authority archives – but re-purposed to suit archives within a higher education setting.

Action Plan (PDF, 0.34MB)

Steering group members

Chris Webb – Borthwick Institute, University of York

Anne Barrett – Imperial College, London

Sarah Jane – University of Falmouth and Exeter University

Geoff Browell – Kings College, London

Sarah Mahurter – University of the Arts

James Peters – University of Manchester

Tracy Deakin – St Johns College, Cambridge

Alison Cullingford – University of Bradford

Mark Dorrington – University of Nottingham

Jessica Gardner – Representing RLUK (Research Libraries UK)

Isobel Hunter – The National Archives

Tina Morton – The National Archives

Matt Greenhall – The National Archives