Local government is going through a period of unprecedented transformation as it attempts to respond to the impact of the economic situation. All types of services, including archives, are being involved in some type of review to inform change.

The resources from the workshop will support archivists to engage successfully with the service review process by providing the understanding, confidence and access to useful tools and evidence.

Legacy document (DOC, 0.13Mb)

Archive as a civic asset - York case study (PPT, 3.47Mb)

Stakeholders mapping excercise (DOC, 0.04Mb)

How to survive a service review (PPT, 1.01Mb)

How to engage with a service review (PPT, 3.05Mb)

Blank logic model (PPT, 0.16Mb)

A beginner's guide to social media (PDF, 0.31Mb)

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