Find case studies below on creating sustainable services for archives.

Next steps in the development of the Archifau Cymru Archives Wales reader's ticket: linking our data

Read how West Glamorgan Archive Service and Richard Burton Archives, Swansea University worked in partnership to improve security to collections - by making changes to the online reader ticket system used by archive services in Wales.

Gloucestershire Archives: Making the most of your budget

In 2007/8 the management team at Gloucestershire Archives looked at how future global, national and local trends were likely to impact on the service. As a result they concluded that some activities would need adjusting, dropping or funding differently, and that partners and volunteers should help deliver some of the services. 

WRVS Archive: Raising the profile of WRVS archive

This case study illustrates how an external award can be used to raise the profile of a collection and the archive service, both internally and externally, and secure extra funding.

Multi-site business archive

Maintaining the profile of the archive in the business is a major driver in the work of this multi-site business archive, by adding value to core business activities and aligning with changing business needs.

Cumbria Archive Service - Creating a vision statement

Cumbria Archive Service has taken the opportunity to update the vision statement for their archive service.  Through a process of staff engagement across four record offices, staff worked together to develop a vision that reflects the direction and purpose of the archive service in the 21st century.

East Sussex Record Office: Faces of The Keep

'Faces of The Keep' was a small project which developed out the creation of a brand for 'The Keep' prior to its opening in 2013.

Working in a Trust: Case study of a local authority archive service

The local authority archive service is part of a wider heritage service which was transferred into a leisure and culture trust in the 2000s. Find out about the impact of moving to the Trust for the archive service.

Staffordshire Archive Service: Working with a Friends Group

This case study outlines the importance of a close working relationship between the archives service and the Friends group in supporting fundraising. It focuses on how this relationship enables the Friends group to maintain its membership income and to target grants effectively.

Dorset History Centre and Dorset Archives Trust: Revitalising a Friends Group

This case study focuses on how an archive service can assist the revitalisation of a friends group, so that it is better placed to improve its funding capability.

Mass Observation Archive: Encouraging contributions from Friends' Groups

The case study shows how archive services might encourage financial contributions from 'friends' by targeting membership fees and donations towards specific activities or costs.

Worcesteshire Archive and Archaeology Service

When Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service moved to a new building (The Hive) in July 2012, along with the city and university libraries and the Worcestershire Hub, this provided the archive service with an opportunity to completely re-evaluate how their service is delivered.

Rambert Archive

When the Rambert company considered moving its entire operation, including dancers, the artistic team and archives to a new base, this provided the opportunity to develop the archive. An ambitious project was undertaken to create new bespoke facilities for the archive with the guidance of the Rambert Archive, as was a major cataloguing project of the material and the creation of a new learning and participation strand combining dance with heritage learning.

Battersea Arts Centre

Battersea Arts Centre is known for 'inventing the future of theatre' but it also engaging with the past by developing a comprehensive, accessible archive.

Derbyshire Record Office - Working with an Artist in Residence

As part of a major project to extend Derbyshire record office and merge with the county local studies library, the record office commisssioned an artist in residence to design the look and feel of the new services, including the layout, colours and furniture.

Cumbria Archive Service: Staffing a multi site service

This case study explores how staffing requirements are managed over four record offices in Cumbria.

Dorset Archives Content Online: An Income Generation Model (PDF, 0.03Mb)

Learn more about how Dorset History Centre digitised some of their holdings to increase income generation and improve access to collections.

Planning for Social Outcomes at Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums (PDF, 0.03Mb)

Using a 'Planning Framework' and General Social Outcome Indicators has enabled Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums to ensure all projects relate to key corporate priorities and meet social outcomes from the planning phase.

Archive helps tourism in Blackpool (PDF, 0.03Mb)

'Admission all Classes' was a scheme by the National Fairground Archive, the Arts and Humanities Research Council, Blackpool Council and Visit Blackpool, aimed at revitalising tourism.

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