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We hope you will use the documents on our site to create your own tasks for groups or individuals in the classroom.

You are free to download and reuse our images to create your own teaching materials. But please try to keep details of the source with them. The importance of sourcing is part of what we are trying to teach.

We support the concept of Open Educational Resources and so both the text and the images on the Education section of The National Archives website are available under the Open Government licence.

Please be aware that this does not extend to images not from the collections of The National Archives. Please contact us if you are unsure about the source of an image on our site.

Film clips

Focus on Film contains all of the film clips which appear across the whole education website (with the exception of the World War 2 and Victorians resources). Clips can be downloaded for free to edit in film software or used to create different teaching resources intended for classroom use. However, film for commercial publication will have to seek permission from the copyright holder - much of the film footage on the site is licensed from third parties such as British Pathe.


We offer a range of podcasts with supporting documents and transcripts which can be downloaded for free and used to create additional resources. Be aware that some music and sound effects in these recordings may contain copyright material that is not the property of The National Archives.

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