January  2013


The radio programme 'UK Confidential' (Whistledown Production for BBC Radio 4, in association with Takeaway Media) claims to have 'unique access' to the New Year's release of closed government records.
Please could you provide:

1) recorded information that formalises this exclusive arrangement, including any legal contracts, Memoranda of Understanding, etc, with details of any financial terms agreed

2) blank Non-Disclosure Agreements that you require to be signed as part of the programme making process

3) copies of invoices received or paid for the Dec 2011 & Dec 2012 programmes


No information held


The information that you require in points 1 to 3 of your FOI request is not held at The National Archives. The agreement that you refer to is arranged and managed by the Cabinet Office. The majority of files viewed by UK Confidential are reviewed by them before they are transferred to The National Archives

We have spoken with the Cabinet Office who asked that you make a Freedom of Information request directly with them.