Response sent: August 2010


Thank you for providing via TNA's website the data on expenditure over £25k.

Can you confirm to which calendar month(s) this expenditure was charged to. The payments dates cover the range 07/04/2010 to 26/05/2010, some 50 days.

Does the data included in the report relate to revenue or capital or both.

Is it a requirement of the PM that VAT payments to suppliers are included in the report.

Can you clarify what PLAN TEYA in the Supplier column stand for.




1. The information on our website has recently been updated to reflect when the payments were made.  This follows updated HM Treasury guidance. To answer your specific question regarding when the expenditure was charged, please find attached a spread sheet that provides this information.

2. The data in the report relates to both revenue and capital.

3. The issue of VAT payments to suppliers being included is not a requirement if the VAT is recoverable and following recent guidance from HM Treasury recoverable VAT amounts have been excluded in the versions currently on our website. Where the VAT is irrecoverable however it has been included in the amounts available on our website.

4. PLAN TEYA is the name of a supplier

5. The names of suppliers are available in the attached spreadsheet.

Spend over 25k - FOI response (CSV, 0.03Mb)

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