March 2012


Provide details of your current contracts for the provision of temporary or agency staff.

For the avoidance of doubt, we assume that temporary or agency staff contracts refers to the services provided by recruitment agencies for the supply of staff to the organisation on a temporary or contract basis.  Our request does not extend to consulting contracts or agreements with sole contractors.




Question Response
Q1 Name of supplier who has been awarded a contract for this category. Kelly Services and Northern Recruitment Group
Q2 Does this contract use a framework agreement?  Yes
Q3 If it is a framework agreement, please name the organisation that placed the original tender for this agreement. Buying Solutions (now Government Procurement Service)
Q4 What is the value of payments made by your organisation to the contracted supplier in the following financial years? 2011/12 - data not yet available
  2010/11 - £171,844
  2009/10 - £406,359
  2008/09 - £954,645
  2007/08 - £1,419,995
Q5 What was the estimated value of the contract at the time it was let? N/A
Q6 Are the spend figures above quoted inclusive or exclusive of VAT? Inclusive
Q7 Start date of contract. 01/09/2007
Q8 End date of contract. 31/03/2013
Q9 If there is an option to extend this contract, please provide the end date of the contract in the event that you take up the extension. If there are multiple extensions to the contract, please provide each date that the contract could come to an end. N/A 
For example, for a three year contract let on 1 January 2009 with two annual extensions, this would be recorded as: 01/01/2013 and 01/01/2014.  
Q10 Do you have any plans to review this contract?  Move to replacement GPS framework on expiry

Q11 If you are planning to review this contract, please provide a date when this review will take place. N/A
Q12 What is the nature of staff bought through this contract? Temporary Clerical and Administrative 
 or example, administrative, financial, legal. 
Q13 Are there any types of agency staff that the organisation utilises, but that are not sourced through this contract?  Specialist Contractors eg finance, ICT through other GPS frameworks
Q14 Supply arrangements/nature of supply. Master vendor
 Please describe the nature of the contract, for example master vendor (supplier organises all elements of supply) or vendor neutral (supplier manages administrative tasks but other companies are used to source staff). If neither of these descriptions reflect your contract, please describe your arrangements. 
Q15 If you use a vendor neutral arrangement, please detail the other agencies used in the agreement and the relative values of their sub-contracts. N/A
Q16 Please provide a copy of all documents relating to the original tender for this contract, including PQQ, ITT, Contract Award and the proposed contract terms and conditions put to suppliers during the tender process. Not held by TNA. Contact Government Procurement Service
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