September 2012


1. How much does it cost The National Archives (based on staff time) to provide monthly details of expenditure over £25,000 as part of the Transparency Agenda.  If you provide details at a lower threshold, please provide this.

2. Approximately how many Freedom of Information requests have you received as a result of the financial information disclosed under the Transparency Agenda, since it was introduced in May 2010? 

Less than 10
More than 50?


Part successful


1. Overall The National Archives does not record this information on a regular basis.  However, in 2011 we calculated at this point in time that it cost approximately £2,000 per annum (based on 3 hours work of a Band G member of staff, 0.75 hours of a Band F member of staff and 1 hour of a Band D member of staff - on a monthly basis across the Finance, Corporate Planning and the Web teams) to provide details of the expenditure over the lower threshold of £10,000. The monthly details are published on our website.

2. The National Archives does not hold this information. The FOI Act is intended to be both motive and applicant blind and requesters are not obliged to provided reasoning for their FOI request. There is no way to determine why a particular request may be submitted and therefore we do not hold information telling us which requests were submitted as a result of the Transparency Agenda.

Overall we have received 168 FOI requests for The National Archives' corporate information from 1 May 2010 - to 22 August 2012 (the date your request was submitted).  Corporate information requests are requests relating to The National Archives' own business functions as a government department, and can span the entire range of what we do, from our policies and procedures through to information technology, finance and everything in-between. These requests are differentiated from the FOI requests we receive for our closed archival documents which number approximately 3,000 annually.  

Prior to May 2010 we had received 499 corporate information FOI requests from 1 January 2005 (when the FOI Act came into force) up to 30 April 2010 (pre-Transparency Agenda).

For more information about some of the requests we have received you can view our information requests page.