June  2012


The date of deposit and number of times The National Archives record CRIM 1/33/5 has been viewed since then




The document was received at The National Archives (then the Public Record Office) on 14 March 1955. It arrived in a batch of records containing pieces CRIM/1 through CRIM 1/207. 

Our computer system records that the document has been requested a total of three times since 1992. On 6 June 2000 it was recalled by the Ministry of Justice which is the government department that transferred the document to The National Archives. On 1 July 2010 it was viewed by a reader in person and on 21 March 2012 it was copied by The National Archives Record Copying Service on behalf of a reader. It is unknown whether the document was viewed before 1992 because the information is not held. Pre-1992, the records were kept on a paper filing system which no longer remains.