May 2012


Number of EIA's completed by The National Archives and the number of staff employed to work on equality/diversity issues; 2009/10 - 2011/12




1. The number of Equalities Impact Assessments The National Archives completed in each of the last three years (2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12)

Sixteen during this period.

2. The number of staff in The National Archives working on equality/diversity issues (including equalities officers and anyone else involved). Please provide data for each of the last three years (2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12)

During the time period which you have specified, one individual has been employed as Equality and Diversity Manager at The National Archives. This role is to manage and co-ordinate an organisation wide strategy to embed Equality and Diversity. At any one time there are a number of individuals across the organisation whose remit is to generate and support equality and diversity initiatives.

With regards to any similar FOI requests, I can confirm that we recently handled another request on the theme of equality and diversity. In line with the Government's agenda for greater transparency we publish our corporate FOI requests and responses on our Information Requests page on The National Archives' website. This information is therefore exempt from disclosure to you at this time by virtue of section 22 of the FOI Act - information intended for future publication.

We aim to publish the previous month's corporate FOI requests and responses by the middle of the following month. However, this is always subject to slight variation because of staff workloads and resource constraints.