February 2014


I have a correspondent who discussed the transfer from the MoD of the DEMS Gunners' WWII Record Cards with The Public Record Office (as it then was) in 2002. He had agreement with the MoD that they would release the cards. Please state the PRO's response to this offer.


Information not held


With regards to your query we have carried out a search of our corporate files to establish if we hold the information you have requested. We can confirm that we did not locate any information relating to an offer being made by MOD to the PRO in 2002 regarding WW2 Gunners cards, or any response from the PRO to such an offer, or any discussion between MoD and a researcher or group relating to such an offer.

Thus the information you have requested is not held by The National Archives.

In terms of more contemporary discussion, we do hold information which refers to a collection relating to DEMS ships.  At this time the collection is still held by the Ministry of Defence.

Under the Public Records Act (the Act), it is the Ministry of Defence's responsibility to manage, select and dispose of records it holds, and it is The National Archives responsibility to supervise and guide the process in relation to selection and transfer in line with our Records Collection Policy and any departmental Operational Selection Policies, which are published on our web-site, and any legal obligations, such as the Data Protection Act and the Freedom of Information Act.

The National Archives does not comment on the record holdings of central government departments. Enquiries concerning records held by the Ministry of Defence should be forwarded to:

MOD Information Rights Team
1st floor, Zone N
Main Building