Response sent: June 2011


1. ICT Structure- Please can you send me the current ICT Structure that shows the current IT senior management.

2. For each of the senior management within the IT Department please can you provide me with their full contact names, actual job titles, direct contact telephone number and there direct email addresses.

3. Who is the Director of Finance and the Commercial Director (Procurement), please can you send me there contact details as well.

4. If some or all the organisation's ICT is outsourced please state the supplier's names.




1. The organisational structure of our ICT department can be found by following the attached link to our organisation chart:

An additional source of information relating to the structure of The National Archives can be found at the Cabinet Office's website on the following link:

2. At The National Archives we have applied the general principle that members of staff at Head of Department level and above are sufficiently senior for their names and/or job titles to already be in the public domain and are therefore not exempt from release. The contact details for the senior management team in the ICT department are as follows:

Director of Technology, Dr David Thomas 0208 392 5222

Head of ICT Department - Steve Duffield,

3. Director of Finance and Performance, Mr Clem Brohier 0208 392 5287

4. Some elements of our ICT are outsourced, this includes some development work. Information relating to the suppliers which we have outsourced our ICT, can be found via the following links:
• Items spends over £10,000:

• Tenders and contracts: