June 2012


Information pertaining to the Ipsos MORI research reported in 'Strand 3 - Investigative study to inform FOIA (2000) post-legislative review - costing exercise' published by the Ministry of Justice on 26 March 2012. Specifically, confirmation of The National Archive's participation in the exercise and to be supplied with the costing information provided.




The National Archives was a participant in the research project commissioned by the Ministry of Justice. In this project, The National Archives tracked 11 Freedom of Information requests over a six-week period at the end of 2011. The information gathered was entered onto Excel proformas, one for each request tracked. The proforma for file BN 141/1 (case reference F0029751) was not a request for the file itself, but for copies of the requestor's original Freedom of Information request to The National Archives for access to file BN 141/1. The decision to grant access in full relates to the decision to provide access to this request and not to the file BN 141/1.