Response sent: December 2010


Under the Freedom of Information Act, please can you provide me with full job descriptions, person specifications, salary brackets and departmental organisation charts for the following?

1. Director of Technology

2. Head of Web Team

3. Head of Digital Continuity

4. Head of Systems Development

5. Head of Information and Computer Technology

6. Head of Strategic Projects

7. Head of Procurement

8. Head of Financial Accounting

9. Head of Financial Planning and Analysis

10. Director of Operations and Services

11. Head of Security

12. Head of Estates and Facilities

13. Head of Document Services

14. Head of Advice and Records Knowledge




The National Archives' salary bands are as follows:   



Band A

£13,770 - £16,630

Band B

£15,070 - £19,830

Band C

£17,740 - £22,700

Band D

£20,545 - £27,955

Band E

£25,055 - £32,975

Band F

£30,610 - £45,030

Band G

£40,330 - £53,590

Band H

£48,090 - £63,690

Senior Civil Service Band 1 is £58,200 - £117,800. Further details about pay bands for the Senior Civil Service are published here:

1. Director of Technology - SCS1 (PDF, 0.00Mb)

2. Head of Web Team - Band G (PDF, 0.00Mb)

3. Head of Digital Continuity - Band H (PDF, 0.00Mb)

4. Head of Systems Development - Band G (PDF, 0.00Mb)

5. Head of Information and Computer Technology - Band H (PDF, 0.00Mb)

6. Head of Strategic Projects - Band H (PDF, 0.00Mb)

7. Head of Procurement - Band G (PDF, 0.00Mb)

8. Head of Financial Accounting - Band G (PDF, 0.00Mb)

9. Head of Financial Planning and Analysis - Band H (PDF, 0.00Mb)

10. Director of Operations and Services - SCS1 (PDF, 0.00Mb)

11. Head of Security - Band F (PDF, 0.00Mb)

12. Head of Estates and Facilities - Band H (PDF, 0.00Mb)

13. Head of Document Services - Band H (PDF, 0.00Mb)

14. Head of Advice and Records Knowledge - Band H (PDF, 0.00Mb)

Please find attached the most recent job descriptions and person specification available for the posts you requested.  Please note, as in all jobs some responsibilities may have evolved over time. Also, the following jobs have been renamed since the job description was written, but the role is fundamentally the same:

  • Head of Systems Development and Search is now Head of Systems Development
  • Head of Strategic Development is now Head of Strategic Projects

Job descriptions for the following roles are not available, but we have tried to include the closest current match:

  • Director of Collections and Technology is now Director of Technology (the collection care function has been transferred to the Director of Operations and Services; government functions transferred to Director Information Policy and Services)
  • Director of Public Services and Marketing is now Director of Operations and Services (the marketing function has been transferred to the Director of Customer and Business Development)
  • Head of Security is now Security Operations Manager 

Organisation charts can be found on our website at

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