January 2013


I understand that the National Archives has been working with the Ministry of Justice to improve matters and relatively recently there has been an action plan progress review (copy attached).  It has been appreciated that the Knowledge and Information Management (KIM) team in the Ministry of Justice HQ has a low profile and ongoing support at board level is needed.

There is apparently 'What to Keep guidance' and I would be grateful if a copy can be provided.




The information that you requested is held at The National Archives and can be found here.

What to keep (PPT, 0.88Mb)

We hold a draft copy of the Ministry of Justice's 'What to Keep' guidance dated June 2011.

If you have any questions about this document and its contents please contact Ministry of Justice, as authors of this guidance:

Ministry of Justice
Data Access and Compliance Unit
Postal Point 1.42
Floor 1
Zone C
102 Petty France


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