Response sent: November 2011


We wish to acquire a copy of the "OGC (Office of Government Commerce) Contracts Database" which ceased to exist in a live format in September 2011 and archived copy was sent to the National Archive.
Could you please provide the contents of the above database in CSV or Excel format. I understand that some of the information on this database could potentially be considered as commercially sensitive. However, we do not require any of this sensitive information. All that we require for each company listed on the database is the following

Company name
Company address
Company telephone number
Company website address
Company email address
Contact name
The business category under which each company was listed.




You asked for contract information from the UK Government Web Archive, namely company name, company address, company telephone number, company website address, company email address, contact name, and the business category under which each company is listed.

We hold some of the information you have requested. The information we hold is available in webpage format from the links on the following page:*/

You also requested that the information be provided in a Comma Separated Value (CSV) or Microsoft Excel (XLS) format. We are unable to provide this as the information as it is only held in webpage format. Section 11(1) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 states that it should be considered a reasonable practice to communicate this information to you by another means which we have done by providing you with the link above.

The UK Government Web Archive is the official record of the data available on key websites at the time of archiving, and does not include any underlying data that may have been used to populate the fields of a webpage; as such we are not able to provide you with the remaining content you have requested.

If you wish to request further information relating to these contracts please contact the originating department, in this case the Cabinet Office. You can write to the Cabinet Office FOI Team at the following address:

FOI Team
Cabinet Office
Room 120
70 Whitehall
London SW1A 2AS

Regarding the message on the OGC website, I have requested this now been changed to the more accurate description 'Archived OGC information', and that this points to the link I have provided above.

Details of contracts awarded after June 2011 which may also be of assistance to you can be found via the Business Link website at: