Response sent: October 2010


Could you please send me a copy of the minutes of all meetings regarding the Our Future Catalogue project. Could you also send me a copy of all reports relating to the Our Future Catalogue project. Could you send me the drafts and final versions of these reports please?




Please use the links to see the information requested:

Our Future Catalogue reports (PDF, 2.24Mb)

Our Future Catalogue minutes (PDF, 1.05Mb)

Unfortunately, some of the information you have requested is covered by Section 40 of the Freedom of Information Act (Personal Data). This is because the provision of this information to you would contravene the first data protection principle of the Data Protection Act - that personal data must be processed fairly and lawfully. 

Release of names and contact details of junior officials who have not given express permission would be deemed to be unfair as there is no expectation that this information would be released. Additionally, further processing to attribute names to opinions or actions would be seen to breach the first data protection principle in that it would be neither fair nor meet a Schedule 2 condition. As such, the names of junior officials have been redacted from the information provided.

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