Response sent: November 2010


1) Is PLAN TEYA a supplier?

2) With cash resources stretched is it The National Archives' policy to make instalment payments where a supplier allows this facility?

3) Is the £2 fee full cost recovery? (Domesday site)




1) Yes.

2) The National Archives does not have a specific policy to pay by instalments. However, The National Archives actively manages all of its cash resources on a weekly basis to ensure we effectively utilise our annual cash allocation. The National Archives complies with the Government directive on payment of suppliers.

3) This was answered earlier via a response posting on the The National Archives' Labs website. The response said:

'The current price for downloads via DocumentsOnline is £3.50 which when previously calculated, was reflective of the cost to deliver the service. The Domesday downloads contain substantially less information than a standard DocumentsOnline download, so we were able to set a price that more closely reflects provision of that service and good value to the customer. We are currently in the process of reviewing all our pricing structures with a longer term view to adjusting if required.'