May 2013


Could you tell me what your total expenditure has been on SSL certificates for externally facing websites between 1st April 2012 and (up to) 31st March 2013.
Where the certificate term was over a number of years could you give me the cost pro-rata.

eg. If a 3 year SSL certificate was purchased in 2011 and cost £600, could you include a £200 cost for this certificate.

Likewise if a 2 year (24 month) certificate was only valid for 3 months into this period and cost £800 could you include a 3/24th of £800 cost (ie. £100) for that certificate.

NB. According to the website you had at least three certificates in place during this period, so could you make sure that these are all included in your totals.




The National Archives holds three SSL certificates for externally facing websites. Please find below  details of each of the certificates and also the cost for them in the financial year 2012 to 2013 individually and as a whole.


 Website  Certificate Purchase Date  Certificate Cost  Certificate Expiry Date  2012/13 Cost  27/07/2012
£470.24  16/07/2014 £235.12  25/01/2012
£1,119.87  24/01/2014 £559.94  15/03/2012
£285.99  14/03/2014 £142.99

TOTAL 2012/13 Cost £938.05