January 2014


Which of the following archives (if any) does the National Archives work with under the terms of the HMC warrant?

- Duchy of Cornwall archive (Archon Code: 1486)
- Duchy of Lancaster office/archive (Archon code: 2578)
- St George's Chapel Archives and Chapter Library (Archon code: 260)

Please provide a list of any records transferred to archives listed above.




Under the terms of the HMC warrant The National Archives may liaise with any archive, including those referred to above.

In addition, it should be noted that whilst the Duchy of Lancaster is not subject to the Public Records Act (PRA) 1958 it has chosen to make provision for some of its archives at The National Archives and we provide the Duchy with advice and guidance on records management.  Information about the Duchy's records held at The National Archives can be found on Discovery:


This is permissible under the Public Records Act.

Our records indicate that one document has been transferred by the Public Records Office/The National Archives to the Duchy of Cornwall Archive, and that was in 2003.  The details of the document are set out below and the transfer is noted on the catalogue. It should be noted that the document was not at any time a public record.

PRO 30/26/258 Duchy of Cornwall: Account for the lands of the Prince of Wales as Duke of Cornwall: Rillaton; Climsland; Calstock; Trematon; Saltash borough; Liskeard; Penlyne; Restormel; Lostwithiel borough; Penknight; Tewington; Tibesta; Helston in Kerrier and borough; Moresk; Talskidy; Helston in Trigg; Tintagel; Launceston borough; Camelford; Bossiney borough; bailiwick of the Stannaries; custody of the ports and prise of wine; keeper of the customs; sheriff of Cornwall.

The catalogue entry can be found by following the link below.


We are not aware of any permanent transfers by The National Archives or other bodies subject to the Public Records Act to the Duchy of Lancaster or St George's Chapel Archives and Chapter Library.