We take your complaints, suggestions and concerns seriously. Here is some recent feedback you gave us, and how we responded. Contact us to make an enquiry or to give your comments and suggestions.

Comments and requests updated May 2015

  • What you said What we have done
  • [From a User Advisory delegate] The additional text box (found under 'Special requirements') in Advanced orders doesn't allow you to add enough text We have increased the character limit making it easier to use this form
  • A user commented that the swans were struggling to get out of the upper pond and suggested we needed a different ramp to assist their exit

    We consulted with the Swan Sanctuary and a specialist ramp was purchased and installed

  • [From a User Advisory Group delegate] Could you improve the information on easily accessible document lockers in the document reading room?

    We have improved the information on our advanced orders web page about document lockers and access

  • You asked why it was so difficult to contact the Bookshop The Bookshop now has a direct line, which is 0208 392 5394
  • [From a User Advisory Group delegate] It is often difficult to find an available bag locker at comfortable height for users who cannot bend or stretch

    We displayed new signs in the locker room, encouraging those who are able to use the high and low lockers

  • A user arrived to find the Bookshop was closed and that the website did not show that the shop closed at 1700 on late night opening (1900)

    We had the shop opening hours added to the web site


We receive complaints in a number of ways, including emails, feedback forms and letters, as well as telephone calls and in person. You can also read previous months' complaints.
  • Summary of complaint and date received Background information Action taken
  • Customer ordered copies of photographs. Images ordered had faces 'redacted'. Customer was dissatisfied with quality of redaction and requested a refund 1 January - reference: 7762

    Copies of records can be ordered through our Record Copying Service. The photos had been redacted at the time of creation, and there was supporting evidence that demonstrated that this was a prerequisite for access to the subject matter. We explained this to the complainant and had the Discovery descriptions updated to inform users that some records had been redacted.
  • The complainant received records advice from our Enquiry Service and then visited. The records ordered did not contain the information as suggested, and the customer felt this was a wasted visit 21 January - reference: 7845

    Users can contact our staff using a number of different contact options to gain advice  and guidance on visiting and researching at The National Archives. We apologised for any misunderstanding and offered detailed advice on the complainant's specific research subject, so that they could progress their research elsewhere at other institutions.
  • The complainant downloaded a Royal Navy service record and was not satisfied with the level of detail contained in the record, and requested a refund 24 January - reference: 7863

    Offsite users can search our Digital Downloads Service to locate and download digital copies of our records on payment of fee. We offered detailed records advice and supplied links to where further information could be located. No refund was authorised as the record was complete and was of good quality.
  • The complainant had reported a fault with document ordering on a number of occasions, and was dissatisfied that the issue had not been fully resolved 24 January - reference: 7869

    Onsite users can sign in to Discovery to search for and order original records for viewing in the Reading Rooms. The link between Discovery and the on-site document ordering system was not working correctly at this time and the document reference was not always carried over into the ordering system. We apologised for the inconvenience and repaired the link.
  • The complainant requested a refund as they were not satisfied with the level of information contained within a Royal Naval service record they had downloaded 30 January - reference: 7907

    Offsite users can search our Digital Downloads Service to locate and download digital copies of our records on payment of a fee. We offered detailed records advice and explained how the information found could be interpreted and used in conjunction with other records in our collection. No refund was authorised as the record was complete and was of good quality.