We take your complaints, suggestions and concerns seriously. Here is some recent feedback you gave us, and how we responded. Contact us to make an enquiry or to give your comments and suggestions.

Comments and requests updated November 2014

  • What you said What we have done
  • A user commented that the swans were struggling to get out of the upper pond and suggested we needed a different ramp to assist their exit

    We consulted with the Swan Sanctuary and a specialist ramp was purchased and installed

  • Clear plastic bags used to carry items into the reading rooms were splitting and allowing items to fall on to the floor We checked the specification of the bags with our suppliers and agreed to increase the quality to a stronger more durable bag
  • You asked why it was so difficult to contact the Bookshop The Bookshop now has a direct line, which is 0208 392 5394
  • Documents sent to print only stay in the queue for two hours - can this be increased? The time documents remain in the queue has been extended from two hours to 11 hours
  • A user arrived to find the Bookshop was closed and that the website did not show that the shop closed at 1700 on late night opening (1900)

    We had the shop opening hours added to the web site


We receive complaints in a number of ways, including emails, feedback forms and letters, as well as telephone calls and in person. You can also read previous months' complaints.
  • Summary of complaint and date received Background information Action taken
  • The complainant was disappointed that the medal card downloaded did not tell them where the person they were researching fell, and what campaigns they were in 8 August - reference: 5791

    Users can search and download digitised records via Digital Downloads We explained what information could be expected from a medal card, and that guidance on the online search page details this information for users before they start their search.
  • The complainant was dissatisfied due to the requirement to pay a fee for the reproduction of images online 12 August - reference: 5809

    The National Archives charges a reproduction fee for publication of copyrighted  images It was agreed that on this occasion, due to the nature of the request, the complainant would be waived the fee on conditions being met.
  • The complainant printed out a copy of a record which did not print correctly. As it was approaching closing time, staff could not assist with re-printing a copy and the complainant left disappointed 13 August - reference: 5828

    Users can use The National Archives' copying service, self service printers and machines, or their own digital cameras to make copies We investigated and found that the complainant had approached staff about the copy, but as we were closing there was no time to replace the copy. After speaking to the complainant, we agreed to supply a copy as a gesture of good will.
  • The complainant was upset that staff had been talking loudly while assisting another user.  This had disturbed them and other users while researching in the Map and Large Document Reading Room 22 August - reference: 5930

    The Map and Large Document Reading Room is an area of quiet study We apologised for the inconvenience caused by the interaction and explained the Map and Large Document Reading Room was a quiet (not silent) study area. Staff may need to assist users to protect the collection which is permitted.
  • Long number details in WO 338/339 have been removed 28 August - reference: 5957

    First World War officers' long number resources are available to consult in the Reading Room We explained that no resources had been removed and how they can be searched. We asked for confirmation of what specifically the complainant was concerned about, but received no response.
  • The complainant was getting used to the changed website and it has changed again - wanted advice on how you search the new version of Discovery 29 August - reference: 5959

    Users can search for records using Discovery our online catalogue We confirmed that no data had been removed from the new version and offered detailed advice on searching for the information the complainant required.
  • The complainant was not happy with the long process leading up to the arrival of their copy order 29 August - reference: 5962

    Users can order copies of our records from our Document Services Department We apologised for inconvenience caused. We subsequently sent out a replacement, which was received by the complainant.