We take your complaints, suggestions and concerns seriously. Here is some recent feedback you gave us, and how we responded. Contact us to make an enquiry or to give your comments and suggestions.

Comments and requests updated April 2014

  • What you said What we have done
  • Breakfast served on a Saturday was not available as advertised at 08.30 hrs We spoke with our caterers and they changed their process to ensure breakfast items are available from the advertised time.
  • Clear plastic bags used to carry items into the reading rooms were splitting and allowing items to fall on to the floor We checked the specification of the bags with our suppliers and agreed to increase the quality to a stronger more durable bag.
  • You asked why it was so difficult to contact the Bookshop The Bookshop now has a direct line, which is 0208 392 5394
  • Documents sent to print only stay in the queue for two hours - can this be increased? The time documents remain in the queue has been extended from two hours to 11 hours.
  • Can you clarify the rules about bags on the poster at the foot of the staircase?

    We have amended the poster to point users to the free lockers on the ground floor where they may store bags, coats and so on.


We receive complaints in a number of ways, including emails, feedback forms and letters, as well as telephone calls and in person. You can also read previous months' complaints.
  • Summary of complaint and date received Background information Action taken
  • Complainant not happy with the time their order took to arrive and was concerned by the quality of the packaging 7 January - reference: 4202

    Users can order copies of our records from Document Services We apologised that the order arrived late and in damaged packaging. The order was due to be completed on Christmas Eve and was posted out on 30 December. We sent out a replacement order and reinforced the packaging.
  • Complainant felt it was an insult to have to pay for a search to locate service details of a relative 13 January - reference: 4221

    Users can request a paid search to be carried out by The National Archives staff We explained why we charge for value added services and how that fitted in with HM Treasury rules.
  • Lack of UV lamps in the Map Room 17 January - reference: 4316

    There is a stock of UV lamps in the Map Room that users can borrow to read records We apologised that there was only a limited number of lamps available. This was due to high usage resulting in some items being withdrawn to complete maintenance.
  • Not able to access private Ancestry account through The National Archives terminals 28 January - reference: 4440

    Due to security settings in the reading room, all connections are routed through our IP address and accounts We explained that due to security settings, all connections are routed through our IP address and accounts. For this reason, it not possible for customers to access private Ancestry or other third party accounts in the reading rooms. You can access your own private account using terminals provided by the London Family History Centre which operates on a separate network to The National Archives. We apologised as this was not explained clearly to the complainant at the time.