Full IFTS accreditation ensures that re-users of public sector information can be confident that they will be treated reasonably and fairly by public sector information providers.

Who is accreditation for?

Full IFTS accreditation is aimed at major public sector information traders and trading funds. Any public sector body may apply to become IFTS accredited.

Accreditation is based on a full audit of information trading activities and is intended for bodies who wish to meet a very high standard of compliance with IFTS principles and the Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2005 (SI 1515/2005).

However, all Crown bodies that have a full licensing delegation (see frequently asked questions for information about delegated authority) from the Controller of HMSO must become IFTS accredited.

What accreditation means

To be recognised as an accredited Information Fair Trader, a public sector body will:

  • make a commitment to information fair trader principles
  • have the commitment independently verified 
  • investigate complaints that the commitment has not been met

How to become accredited

If your organisation is interested in becoming IFTS accredited, please take a look at the sections on IFTS principles and the verification process, then contact us for further details and the costs involved.