Any public sector body can apply to become an IFTS member, whether or not they are a Crown body.

Some government departments have delegated authority from the Controller of HMSO to license the re-use of the Crown copyright material which they originate. IFTS accreditation is used as the method of regulating decisions about the licensing of Crown copyright information by those bodies. The Controller of HMSO has also granted limited delegations to parts of government departments which have responsibility for specialised forms of licensing activity. These organisations undergo the IFTS Online Assessed process rather than IFTS accreditation.

Non-Crown bodies can become accredited to the IFTS, although their copyright material is not Crown copyright and is not vested in the Controller of HMSO.

The following have undergone full IFTS verification and have been accredited

British Geological Survey (BGS)

Date of delegation: n/a (non-Crown)

Accredited: October 2004 (re-accredited September 2006 and May-July 2010)

British Geological Survey commitment

British Geological Survey report (PDF, 0.30Mb)

Coal Authority

Date of delegation: n/a

Accredited: April 2009 (re-accredited October 2012)

Coal Authority commitment

Coal Authority public task statement

Coal Authority report (PDF, 0.24Mb)

Companies House

Date of delegation:  4 August 2009

Accredited: March 2009

Companies House commitment

Companies House public task statement

Companies House report (PDF, 0.20Mb)

Driving Standards Agency

Date of delegation:  16 August 2006

Accredited: April 2004 (re-accredited May 2006 and February 2009)

Driving Standards Agency commitment

Driving Standards Agency report (PDF, 0.19Mb)

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

Date of delegation:  20 December 2005

Accredited: February 2006 (re-accredited May 2008 and September 2011)

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency commitment

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency report (PDF, 0.18Mb)

Environment Agency

Date of delegation:  n/a (non-crown)

Accredited: November 2004 (re-accredited May 2006 and June 2013)

Environment Agency commitment - currently off-line

Environment Agency report (PDF, 0.32Mb)

Health and Safety Laboratory

Date of delegation: 26 June 2008

Accredited: January 2014

Health and Safety Laboratory commitment

Health and Safety Laboratory report (PDF, 0.41Mb)

Her Majesty's Stationery Office (HMSO)/Office of the Queen's Printer for Scotland (OQPS)

Date of delegation:  n/a

Accredited: November 2002 (re-accredited August 2005 and May 2007)

HMSO commitment

Her Majesty's Stationery Office /Office of the Queen's Printer for Scotland report (PDF, 0.18Mb)

Land & Property Services, Northern Ireland

Date of delegation:  1 April 2008

Accredited: August 2008 (re-accredited March 2012)

Land & Property Services commitment

Land & Property Services, Northern Ireland report (PDF, 0.22Mb)

Land Registry

Date of delegation:  9 August 2006

Accredited: January 2004 (re-accredited January 2006, January 2009 and March 2012)

Land Registry commitment

Land Registry public task statement

Land Registry report (PDF, 0.21Mb)

Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency

Date of delegation:  6 October 2006

Accredited: July 2006 (re-accredited July 2008, December 2013)

Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency commitment

Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency report (PDF, 0.28Mb)

Met Office

Date of delegation:  18 August 2006

Accredited: November 2004 (re-accredited November 2005, September 2007, September 2010 and September 2013)

Met Office commitment

Met Office public task statement

Met Office report (PDF, 0.30Mb)

Ministry of Defence, Directorate of Intellectual Property Rights

Date of delegation:  28 June 2006

Accredited: December 2005 (re-accredited May 2009)

Ministry of Defence commitment

MOD, Directorate of Intellectual Property Rights report (PDF, 0.22Mb)

National Offenders Management Service (NOMS)

Date of Delegation: 5 July 2011

Accredited: May 2012

NOMS report (PDF, 0.32Mb)

Ordnance Survey

Date of delegation:  18 October 2007

Accredited: April 2003 (re-accredited October 2005, November 2007 and March 2011)

Ordnance Survey commitment

Ordnance Survey public task statement

Ordnance Survey report (PDF, 0.24Mb)

Registers of Scotland

Date of delegation: 15 August 2001

Accredited: September 2004 (re-accredited February 2008 and February 2013)

Registers of Scotland commitment

Registers of Scotland report (PDF, 0.21Mb)

The National Archives

Date of delegation: n/a

Accredited: December 2007 (re-accredited August 2012)

The National Archives commitment

The National Archives report (PDF, 0.37Mb)

UK Hydrographic Office

Date of delegation: 9 August 2006

Accredited: January 2003 (re-accredited November 2005, June 2007 and April 2011)

UK Hydrographic Office commitment

UK Hydrographic Office public task statement

UK Hydrographic Office report (PDF, 0.37Mb)

The following have delegations to license specific types of information and undergo IFTS Online Assessment

Cabinet Office

Date of delegation: 3 June 2009

IFTS assessed: October 2010

Material licensed: Gateway Review material


Date of delegation: n/a - voluntary member

IFTS assessed: July 2012

Material licensed: Roadworks data

Forestry Commission

Date of delegation: 29 October 2001

IFTS assessed: September 2009

Material licensed: Photographs, films and other visual material

Government Art Collection

Date of delegation: 9 August 2006

IFTS assessed: May 2009

Material licensed: Photographic and digital archives of the Government Art Collection


Date of delegation: 19 January 2007

IFTS assessed: May 2005

Material licensed: Information and databases created by GCHQ

Highways Agency

Date of delegation: 22 November 2007

IFTS assessed: June 2009

Material licensed: Images from Highways Agency traffic management cameras

Historic Scotland

Date of delegation: 16 August 2006

IFTS assessed: January 2011

Material licensed: Historic Scotland's Photographic Library

Imperial War Museum

Date of delegation: 13 December 2011

IFTS assessed: October 2011

Material licensed: Documents, photographs, films and other works deposited for permanent preservation in the Imperial War Museum by government

Intelligence Collection Group

Date of delegation: 31 August 2006

IFTS assessed: August 2005

Material licensed: Aerial photographs and imagery geographical information

Metropolitan Police Service

Date of delegation: 3 October 2012

IFTS assessed: June 2012

Material licensed: Works created by police officers in the following categories: training course materials; databases; still images; film and video footage; works created in the course of professional, specialist, technical, administrative and consultancy services

National Army Museum

Date of delegation: 29 April 2010

IFTS assessed: June 2010

Material licensed: Images, video and archival literature

Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments for Scotland

Date of delegation: 30 October 2006

IFTS assessed: November 2006

Material licensed: Photos, manuscripts, documents and drawings originated by or for RCAHMS, RCAHMS databases

Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments for Wales

Date of delegation: 2 October 2008

IFTS assessed: May 2011

Material licensed: Collections and individual items protected by Crown copyright

Royal Mint

Date of delegation: 31 December 2004

IFTS assessed: September 2006

Material licensed: Photographs and coin designs

Transport Scotland

Date of delegation: 28 July 2008

IFTS assessed: July 2008

Material licensed: Material protected by copyright or database rights which Transport for Scotland has produced or commissioned

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