Risk assessment

To manage digital continuity, you must understand your organisation’s specific issues and risks. As part of our service development, we’re undertaking a risk and opportunities assessment with all central government departments. The assessment will highlight specific risks to the continuity of your digital information, and opportunities that can be realised from mitigating these risks. This will result in recommendations tailored to specific departmental needs.

The assessment is part of a four-stage process to help you manage digital continuity. Carrying out a risk assessment forms part of Stage 3: Assess and manage risks to digital continuity.

For the wider public sector we have built a self-assessment tool that links to the digital continuity guidance and framework of solutions and services.

Assess risks to digital continuity factsheet (PDF, 0.09Mb)

Risk assessment guidance

Our risk assessment handbook will help you identify where your information is at risk and take active steps to manage these risks:

Risk Assessment Handbook (PDF, 0.33Mb)

For more guidance on assessing and managing risks to your digital continuity, including managing digital continuity loss, see Stage 3 guidance.

Self-assessment tools

We have built two self-assessment tools so you can assess your own organisation’s risks.

The first tool breaks the risk assessment into three sections:

1. Understanding digital continuity and roles and responsibilities
2. Information requirements and technical dependencies
3. Management

Download the tool below:

Self-assessment tool (XLS, 0.40Mb)

Our second tool below helps you identify risks to the continuity of any specific digital information asset and identifies where continuity has already been lost. It makes recommendations on maintaining or restoring continuity to help you develop a digital continuity action plan.

Information asset risk assessment (XLS, 0.26Mb)