Preserving digital records

The National Archives is tackling the challenges of digital preservation, ensuring continued access to digital information in the future.

We play an active role in storing and preserving digital material created by UK government.

Profiling your file formats helps you to manage risks to your information.

Find out about The National Archives’ approach to digital preservation and the tools we have developed to help you.

Our guidance notes are written for anyone involved in the creation of electronic records which may need to be preserved over the long term, and those responsible for preservation.

The National Archives is constantly developing methods of storing, preserving and providing access to electronic government records - everything from emails and web pages to multimedia formats.

DROID is a software tool developed by The National Archives to perform automated batch identification of file formats.

The digital preservation team carries out systematic research into new types of electronic record, and develops new processes for migrating digital information from one data format to another.