Q. Who should I contact to obtain material in a particular format?

A. You should contact the originating government department.

If you are unsure which department has originated the data, contact us and we will investigate.

You can also check on the Information Asset Register (IAR) records which can be found on inforoute. The IAR contains lists of available material and the formats in which it is held.

Q. What is the Open Government Licence?

A. It consists of a simple set of terms and conditions which enables the re-use of a wide range of public sector information, including that which is covered by Crown copyright. There are further details about the Open Government Licence under What the Open Government Licence covers.

Q. How can I use information covered by Parliamentary copyright?

A. The standard licence for the use of Parliamentary copyright information is the Open Parliament Licence. You can find further information about the Open Parliament Licence on the Parliament website.

Q. What is an exclusive licence?

A. This is a licence issued by a copyright owner that grants particular rights to just one person or organisation for an agreed period of time. It prevents the same rights from being granted to anyone else. It also means that the copyright owner is unable to exercise the same rights during the same period.

It is not government policy to grant exclusive licences other than in exceptional circumstances.

Q. Do I need a licence to use a Crown copyright publication as a prop in a TV programme or film?

A. No, the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 states that 'copyright in a work is not infringed by its incidental inclusion in an artistic work, sound recording, film, broadcast or cable programme'.

You need to acknowledge that Crown copyright material has been used.