The Information Management Assessment (IMA) programme is a service offered by The National Archives to provide a robust and independent assessment of how well public bodies are managing their information. It examines members' strengths in managing this information and gives detailed recommendations on improvement.

'The IMA programme provides me, as Keeper of Public Records, with an assessment of whether the organisation is fulfilling its duties in relation to the Public Records Act. Not only is membership of the programme a highly effective way for an organisation to improve its information management, it also helps ensure that the decisions and life of that organisation today become tomorrow's publicly accessible record.'

Clem Brohier, Acting Chief Executive, The National Archives

The Information Management Assessment (IMA) programme has been in operation since 2008, with participating members drawn from a wide range of government organisations. The programme examines the ability of IMA members to ensure that the information they create and work with remains complete, available and usable as long as it is needed. In doing so, it supports The National Archives' role as an enabler for the record across government, as described in the 2011-15 Business Plan, For the Record. For Good.

These pages show the benefits of taking part in the IMA programme and describe the process of assessment. You can download IMA reports, progress reviews and organisational action plans as well as resources and documentation relevant to those taking part in or considering taking part in an IMA. You can also download our strategy, which outlines the programme's aims, objectives and scope.

Download the IMA Strategy (PDF, 0.16Mb)

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