Contract services

A range of services are provided under contract to help government organisations ensure that their parliamentary papers are produced to the required standard.

Services for the production of parliamentary papers are provided through Lot 1 of the Managed Print and Digital Solutions Framework (framework), let to the APS Group. The framework is managed on behalf of government by the Crown Commercial Service (CCS). Any queries regarding the framework, service quality or costs should be directed to the CCS at

Managed Print and Digital Solutions Framework (Lot 1)

The framework came into effect in December 2016 and provides services for parliamentary papers. Lot 1 of the framework must be used for parliamentary papers from 1 August 2017.

Organisations do not need to use Lot 1 of the framework to design or print parliamentary papers. However, the ‘distribution-management’ service must be used.

In order to access the framework, organisations must have completed a call-off contract. Information on completing the call-off contract, framework costs, and practical details of moving to the framework can be obtained from the CCS or framework provider

Are print copies still required?

Print copies of parliamentary papers must be produced for laying and for any other requirements set by HM Treasury, organisations’ parent departments, or select committees.

Print copies are also required by Parliament for Members and Peers. Where the framework has been used by an organisation to print their documents, the supplier will produce Parliament’s print copies at no cost to the organisation. These copies are separate to the copies required for laying.

If the framework is not used for print copies, organisations must supply their document’s print copies to the supplier for onward delivery into Parliament. The supplier will advise the number of print copies required. See the ‘distribution-management’ option for further information on the steps required when the supplier’s print services are not being used.

As a minimum, the distribution-management services must be used for HC and Cm Papers. This service is optional for un-numbered Act Papers and un-numbered Command Papers, but organisations may find the additional support useful.

Production and distribution services

The production and distribution services provided under the framework include:

  • expert advice about papers’ production and distribution specifications and processes
  • provision of quotations and timelines
  • provision and assurance of publication furniture including ISBNs, and copyright statements
  • publication furniture proofing
  • managing proofing and sign-off of content
  • demand management of print copy quantities
  • print management
  • provision of copies of print-ready PDFs and web-optimised PDFs
  • facilitation of the delivery of print copies for Parliament
  • bibliographic and information services
  • access to other services, such as typesetting, design, reprints and services to correct papers

The ‘distribution-management’ option

If an organisation is not using the supplier’s services to produce and print its document, then it will need to use the framework’s distribution-management option which includes the relevant services above.

This option ensures that print copies of documents are available for Members of Parliament and Peers after laying and that documents have ISBNs. Organisations using this option will need to contact the supplier to:

  • obtain ISBNs, and check their inclusion
  • check the inclusion of the most up to date copyright and re-use statement if applicable
  • confirm the number of print copies to be delivered to the supplier for the supplier to forward to Parliament (not laying copies)
  • confirm the date and time print copies should be delivered, generally on the working day before laying
  • obtain labelling, packing and delivery instructions for Parliament
  • deliver appropriately labelled and packaged print copies to the supplier