The standards and best practice guidelines below are for records and information managers in all organisations that create or hold public records. They aim to promote effective records  management in government.

Tracking records (PDF, 0.42Mb)

Business recovery plans (PDF, 0.09Mb)

Dissolution of Public Bodies (PDF, 0.14Mb)

Documentation of records work (PDF, 0.08Mb)

Redaction toolkit: guidelines for the editing of exempt information from paper and electronic documents prior to release (PDF, 0.15Mb)

Guidance on the management of Private Office papers (PDF, 0.90Mb)

Privatisation of Public Bodies (PDF, 0.20Mb)

Retention application form (Word document) (DOC, 0.09Mb)

Retention application form (Excel) (XLS, 0.04Mb)

Closure at transfer application form (Word document) (DOC, 0.08Mb)

Closure at transfer application form (Excel) (XLS, 0.04Mb)

Preparation of records for transfer to The National Archives

Preparation of records is the complete guide. We have also separated the sections into topic-specific mini-guides which are listed below.

Preparation of records (PDF, 0.65Mb)

How to prepare - general guidance (PDF, 0.17Mb)

Dummy card and redactions (PDF, 0.14Mb)

Loose papers (PDF, 0.13Mb)

Maps and plans (PDF, 0.14Mb)

Packing (PDF, 0.15Mb)

Photographs, negatives and glassplates (PDF, 0.15Mb)

Standard files (PDF, 0.13Mb)

Tagging items into a file (PDF, 0.21Mb)

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