Delegations of authority

Delegations of authority are granted from the Controller of Her Majesty’s Stationery Office (HMSO) to government departments where there are sound policy or practical benefits in doing so. Delegated authority enables them to license the re-use of Crown copyright material which they produce.

Anyone wishing to re-use information produced by a department with a delegation of authority should contact the organisation directly for advice and guidance.

Most of the organisations with a delegation of authority have their activities regulated by the Information Fair Trader Scheme (IFTS).

There are certain non-Crown bodies which have been granted a licence from the Controller to sub-license the Crown copyright material which they hold. These bodies are identified by an asterisk (*).

Organisation Date of delegation Material covered under delegation
British Film Institute 12 March 2014•moving images and tapes from the Central Office of Information Film and Tape Library and other collections including material from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
•still imagery and posters
•correspondence relating to film productions
Companies House 4 August 2009 All
Drinking Water Inspectorate (Defra)6 January 2014The Drinking Water Inspectorate Risk Assessment Tool
Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency 20 December 2005 Information, databases, logos and visual images
Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency11 April 2014All
Food and Environment Research Agency 6 January 2014Photographs and digital images
Forest Research Photo Library 29 October 2001Photographs, films and all visual material
Government Art Collection 21 September 2001 Photographic and digital archives of the Government Art Collection
Government Communication Headquarters 7 February 2002 Information and databases created by GCHQ
Health and Safety Laboratory 26 June 2008 Software, photographs and images, film and video, survey and training material
Highways Agency 22 November 2007Images from the Highways Agency CCTV traffic management cameras
Historic Scotland 4 December 2001 Historic Scotland's Photographic Library
HM Land Registry 31 May 2002 All
Intellectual Property Office 24 November 2009Reports of Patent, Design and Trade Mark Cases series of Law Reports
Land and Property Services, Northern Ireland
1 April 2008All
Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency4 October 2002 All
Met Office25 January 2002 All
Ministry of Defence (Directorate of Intellectual Property Rights) 28 June 2006 Military insignia, medals, photographs, technical material, illustrations and graphic works, film and video clips, musical recordings
Ministry of Defence (Defence Geospatial Intelligence) 8 April 2003Geospatial information and intelligence and aerial photography and imagery
National Archives of Scotland 14 December 2006 Photographs and images created and held by the NAS Image Library. Commissioned photographs and digital images where the copyright has been assigned to the NAS on behalf of the Crown
National Army Museum* 29 April 2010 Photographs, video and digital recordings, posters, maps, pamphlets, recruiting material, archival literary works, regimental magazines, instruction manuals, dress regulation and orders, Army Lists
Office of Government Commerce 1 June 2009 Crown copyright and Crown-owned copyrights and database rights that OGC has produced or commissioned
Ordnance Survey 6 June 2002 All
Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre 13 March 2002 Information, databases, logos and visual images
Registers of Scotland15 August 2001 All
Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historic Monuments of Scotland 18 June 2001 Photos, manuscripts, documents and drawings originated by or for RCAHMS, RCAHMS databases
Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historic Monuments of Wales2 October 2008 RCAHMW Collections and individual items which are Crown copyright or where the copyright has been assigned to the Crown
Royal Mint 31 December 2004 Photographs and coin designs
Transport Scotland 28 July 2008 Traffic Scotland still images of Scottish roads and traffic
Treasury Solicitor, Bona Vacantia Division 2 February 2000 Licensing and assignment of rights acquired by the Crown as bona vacantia
UK Hydrographic Office 10 October 2001 All
Welsh Government 19 January 2007 Photographs and images held by the Visit Wales Image Centre