Cataloguing and preparation masterclass

We offer a one-day course for staff from government departments and other public record bodies that transfer records to The National Archives. It is specifically aimed at staff currently undertaking the work of cataloguing and preparing records selected for permanent preservation in The National Archives. The objectives are to help cataloguing and preparation staff understand The National Archives’ standards, enable them to catalogue and prepare records according to these defined standards; and to broaden their knowledge of The National Archives’ online catalogue.

This course is only open to staff working in government departments and other public records bodies who are involved in cataloguing and preparing records selected for permanent preservation at The National Archives.

What the course covers

  • Detail of the overall transfer process, including cataloguing and physically preparing records, delivering them to The National Archives, and subsequently making them available to members of the public
  • An explanation of the structure of the online catalogue, and advice and guidance on how to use it
  • Detailed work regarding The National Archives’ cataloguing principles and standards
  • Intensive, hands-on cataloguing and preparation exercises
  • Specific advice for participants’ issues and needs


13 October 2016


One day.


Courses are free of charge.


The National Archives, Kew.


Applications to attend this course should be submitted by the Departmental Record Officer for your organisation. If you would like to reserve a place on this course, please can you ask your Departmental Record Officer to email this request to