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Beginners' Latin
Ogmore castle, Glamorganshire. June 1579. Cat ref: MPC 1/49. Copyright of the Chancellor and Council of the Duchy of Lancaster

Lesson 12: Adverbs; numbers and dates; months; useful phrases; dating clauses

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Useful phrases

MedievalGlossary - opens in a new window documents may begin with this opening clause

  • sciant omnes
know all men  
  • sciant presentes et futuri
know all [men] present and future  
sciant omnes quod nos Simo de Burham et Anna uxor mea dedimus concessimus et per hanc cartam confirmavimus Thome episcopo Londonie totam terram que iacet iuxta ecclesiam de villa de Burnham. Know all men that we, Simon de Burnham and Anna my wife have given, conceded and by this charter confirmed to Thomas Bishop of London all the land which lies next to the church of the vill of Burnham. Thomas, -e (m.) Thomas villa, -e (f.) villGlossary - opens in a new window

At the end of a grant, you will find a list of witnessGlossary - opens in a new window. The first name of each witness will be in the ablative case.

The witnesses will be introduced with either of these clauses

  • hiis testibus
these being witnesses  
  • teste
hiis testibus Stephano de Segrave Henrico de Hastinges militibus magistro Gregorio Simone clerico et aliis. These being witnesses Stephen de Segrave, Henry de Hastinges, knights, Master Gregory, Simon clerk and others. clericus, -i (m.) clerkGlossary - opens in a new window
testis, testis (m., f.) witnessGlossary - opens in a new window
alius, alia, aliud     other  
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The clause used to introduce witnesses at the end of a grant?


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