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Beginners' Latin
Ogmore castle, Glamorganshire. June 1579. Cat ref: MPC 1/49. Copyright of the Chancellor and Council of the Duchy of Lancaster

Lesson 12: Adverbs; numbers and dates; months; useful phrases; dating clauses

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Dating clauses

A dating clause tells you where and when the document was drawn up. This may begin with the word for ‘dated’

  • datum if the document is neuter (for example, testamentum)
  • data if the document is feminine (for example, carta, concordia)
hic est finalis concordia data apud Eboracum This is the final concord given at YorkGlossary - opens in a new window


datum per manum nostrum apud Westmonasterium Given by our hand at WestminsterGlossary - opens in a new window
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What datum or data means?

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