Working in archives

03 April 2012

We are now just over halfway through the process of working together with archives and stakeholders across the UK to co-create the new Archives Accreditation standard. 

Discussions so far

Over 300 people have taken the opportunity to contribute so far and helped change the draft to better reflect the expectations of 21st Century archives and their users.

Time is moving on, but you can still influence the standard and the evidence required to meet it. New discussions are launched each Monday, and the process is open to everyone working in or with archives. 

Join the webinar

Archives Accreditation is running a final webinar at 14:00-15:00 on 11 April. This time we will be discussing the eligibility criteria for the scheme. What defines an archive? The records it holds? Or how it operates? Which services should be eligible to participate? And how do we ensure that the requirements are applicable to different types of service, including business and specialist?

Everyone is welcome. To take part, email by 16:00 on 10 April.

If you have never attended an Adobe Connect meeting before you can test your connection online and get a quick overview. We have tested the software with a range of systems and most are problem free. In a few instances you may find you need to adjust your firewall settings, but overall you should find it straightforward to use.

Find out more about the aims and benefits of Accreditation on our new web pages.