26 July 2013


The periodic review of Non-Departmental Public Bodies (NDPBs) is one of the ways the government ensures that it maintains a lean, but effective public sector.

A Triennial Review is a Cabinet Office mandated process for reviewing the functions of NDPBs, the appropriateness of the body's delivery mechanism and its governance arrangements. It must consider abolition, a move of the functions out of central government, bringing the functions in-house, merging with another body, delivery by a new Executive Agency and continued delivery by a NDPB. 

The Lord Chancellor's Advisory Council on National Records and Archives is a small body which meets four times a year. Members are paid travelling expenses (a total of around £5k per annum) but no other paid remuneration. Secretariat support, provided by The National Archives staff and equivalent to 0.5 of a full time post, costs around £15K per annum.

The Review

The review of the Council is being conducted by The National Archives in two stages, in accordance with Cabinet Office guidance.

  • Stage 1 will look at core functions of the Council, assess the need for these functions to continue and the structural options for continued delivery of these functions and, if the conclusion of Stage 1 is that the Council should continue as a NDPB, 
  • Stage 2 will examine the control and governance arrangements in place to ensure that the Council is operating in line with government policy including good corporate governance, openness, transparency and accountability.

Please note that Stage 1 of the review will not consider whether the remit of the Council should be extended or changed.

The Review Team is seeking views of stakeholders as part of Stage 1. If you have any comments, please send these by email to acconsultation@nationalarchives.gsi.gov.uk by midday on Tuesday 6 August 2013.

Any comments may be quoted in the Stage 1 report, but will only be attributed to you if you have indicated that we may do so. Wherever possible we would appreciate you giving examples to evidence your responses.

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