Conclusions of Cabinet Meetings 1 - 23 (1984)

  • Catalogue ref: CAB 128/78
  • Date: 1984 January 12 - 1984 June 21

This file contains all the minutes and conclusions from the weekly Cabinet meetings held between January and June 1984, including 'Limited Circulation Annexes' relating to the miners' strike.

Conclusions of Cabinet Meetings 24 - 41 (1984)

  • Catalogue ref: CAB 128/79
  • Date: 1984 June 28 - 1984 December 13

Record of Cabinet meetings held between June and December 1984, including the meeting on 18 October immediately following the Brighton bombing. Among other topics discussed at Cabinet were the famine in Ethiopia and the assassination of the Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. The file also contains 'Limited Circulations Annexes' updating members of the Cabinet on the situation in the coal industry.

Most confidential records: CC(84) 1st Conclusions; CC(84) 5th Conclusions; CC(84) 6th Conclusions; CC(84) 9th Conclusions; CC(84) 24th Conclusions; CC(84) 36th Conclusions; CC(84) 38th Conclusions

  • Catalogue ref: CAB 128/80
  • Date: 1984 January 12 - 1984 November 26

Confidential annexes filed separately because of particular sensitivity. Includes sections on the handling of documents, the trade union political levy, economic strategy and Northern Ireland.

CAB 129/218

  • Catalogue ref: CAB 129/218
  • Date: 1984 January 19 - 1984 November 6

This file includes memoranda on a range of subjects including education in London, economic prospects, local government finance, performance-related pay and the results of the 1984 Public Expenditure Survey (PES).

Ministerial Group on Coal: meetings 1-51, papers 1-3

  • Catalogue ref: CAB 130/1268
  • Date: 1984 March 15 - 1984 December 24

This file contains all the minutes from the Ministerial Group on Coal (MISC 101) between March and December 1984. Attendees included the Prime Minister, the Lord President of the Council, the Home Secretary, the Chancellor, Secretaries of State for Energy, Employment, Trade and Industry, Transport, Scotland, and Defence, and the Attorney General. The Secretariat included the Cabinet Secretary Robert Armstrong, P L Gregson, Brigadier J A J Budd, and Mr J F Stoker.