The Cabinet.


* First mtg.  Message of affection to A.E.
Never was a man so stricken so sadly, but as time passes the greater will his reputn. be.
Glad so many old colleagues.  Depend on solid partnership with R.A.B.  With that can confront H/C.
Welcome P.T. - all qualities needed for Ty.  Gt. advantage of youth.
H : cleverest man in country : hope he will teach children (L.P. and H/L.).
M/T. - confidence in him & importce. of transport at present time.
Hill - will serve us well here & abroad.
* Old colleagues who have left us - Gt. service.  Wd. like to thank them in yr. name.
P. Mills : grateful for sacrifice he has made in joining us.

Taken from C.C. 1(57) - Meeting held on 15 January 1957.