9 - Sarah Tisdall, a Foreign Office clerk, is charged under the Official Secrets Act
25 - The government prohibits GCHQ staff from belonging to a trade union


7 to 19 February - Winter Olympics held in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia


12 - The miners' strike begins
21- EEC summit breaks down after disagreement over Britain's budget rebate


9 - More than 100 pickets are arrested at the Creswell colliery in Derbyshire and the Babbington colliery in Nottinghamshire
17 - WPC Yvonne Fletcher is killed during a siege outside the Libyan Embassy in London
22 - Britain severs diplomatic relations with Libya
27 - Thirty Libyan diplomats leave Britain


8 - The Thames Barrier is opened by HM The Queen
29 - Fighting at Orgreave colliery between police and striking miners leaves 64 injured
30 - Arthur Scargill is arrested and charged with obstruction at Orgreave


7 - 120 people are arrested during a mass lobby of Parliament by striking miners


26 - The Trade Union Act prohibits unions from striking without a ballot
28 July to 12 August - Olympic Games held in Los Angeles, California


14 - The Princess of Wales gives birth to Prince Harry
26 - The UK and China sign the initial agreement to return Hong Kong to China in 1997
28 - The High Court rules that the miners' strike is unlawful


10 - The High Court fines the NUM £200,000 and Arthur Scargill £1,000 for contempt of court
12 - The IRA attempts to assassinate the British Cabinet in the Brighton hotel bombing


12 - The English one pound note is withdrawn after 150 years in circulation
20 - British Telecom shares go on sale
29 - The Band Aid charity single goes on sale


3 - British Telecom is privatised
14 - NUM president Arthur Scargill is fined for his involvement in rioting at Orgreave
16 - Mikhail Gorbachev of the Soviet Union visits Britain
19 - China and the UK sign the Sino-British Joint Declaration which will see the whole of the British Overseas Territory of Hong Kong returned to Chinese control in 1997