This is the 28th Security Service records release containing a total of 86 files and bringing the number of Security Service records at The National Archives to 4,926.

As with previous releases, around three quarters of the records are personal files relating to individuals (KV 2), with the remainder a combination of subject files (KV 3), policy files (KV4) and organisation files (KV 5) The records cover a range of subjects and span the inter-war, Second World War and post-war eras.

Personal files are listed under the following categories:

  • German intelligence agents and suspected agents (KV2/3640 - 3658)
  • Other Espionage cases (KV2/3659 - 3662)
  • German intelligence officers (KV2/3663 - 3666)
  • Subject of Security Service enquiry (KV2/3667 - 3669)
  • Soviet intelligence officers (KV2/3670 - 3672)
  • Soviet intelligence agents and suspected agents (KV2/3673 - 3674)
  • Communists and suspected communists, including Russians, and communist sympathisers (KV2/3675 - 3702)

Subject files (KV3/420 - 426)

Policy files (KV4/465)

Organisation files (KV5/139 - 153)

Some files have been weeded while others have been reconstituted from microfilm of the original document and are therefore in photocopy form. Most personal files include a minute sheet attached to the inside cover, providing a useful index to the file.

Highlights include:

  • Charlie Chaplin's Security Service file reveals an investigation was mounted into the mysterious circumstances of his birth (KV2/3700-01)
  • The Dutch double agent, Folkert Van Koutrik, whose betrayal led to the kidnapping of two MI6 officers in 1939 (KV2/3643)
  • The Nazi plan to produce fraudulent Bank of England notes and scatter them over the British Isles (KV4/465)
  • Japanese espionage inside the Fortress of Singapore leading up to its dramatic capture in February 1942 (KV3/426)
  • The Gestapo 'Lawrence of Arabia', Franz Wimmer-Lamquet, who claimed he had led a desert army of Arabs in North Africa during WWII before his capture by the Soviet Union (KV2/3663)