Mr. K.'s preference for private discussions.  For last ¾ hour only H. was present to discuss Berlin. 
Mr. K. glad to have met K. because better understanding of adversary.
But unsatisf. R. more confident & tougher.  He found no "ques." except prs. on Laos.  Professed to have no interest in Laos.
Aide memoire on Berlin.  V. slight change of approach discerned by our experts, but not visible to me.  K. unlikely to make public reference to this until Party congress after G. elections.
Tests.  They evidently don't want agreement.  Suggest it be swept up into general disarmament.  No inspn. w'out [agreement to] full disarmament.
What shd. attitude of Alliance be in face of unyielding R. stand?
Mr. K. is uneasy about G. - selfish : imbalance (Mr. K. will pursue).
Mtg. in Paris.  de G. gave v. little.  Mr. K. wd. go long way to meet him on Tripartism if de G. wd. offer any contn. himself.
Tho' wants it covert.  Also concessions on techn. aspects of delivery of nuclear, tho' not on nuclear itself - both bombers & re-entry of missiles.  de G. will p'pone his demands for N.A.T.O. re-organisation - notionally because of Berlin, but actually until after Algeria.
Six and Seven : de G. gave merely formal reply - C'wealth etc.
Political diffies. for us, de G.suggd. wd. be greater than economies.
Mr. K. concluded from this tht. de G. doesn't want us in.
de G. made it clear tht. he considers Europe as appendixes of France.
de G. railed over his treatment by F.D.R. & W.S.C. in war - the former even more than the latter.
Mr. K. rates him therefore as bad Ally and a nuisance.  Writing off both F. & G.  Relief to be in Ldn.  Impressed by risk tht. de G wd. accept anything offered and give nothing.
Our relations with him will be good.

Taken from C.C. 30(61) - Meeting held on 6 June 1961