Atomic Energy: Amendment of US Legislation


Amending Bill passed y'day.  Draft agreement satisf. - save that at last moment they have inserted in preamble a reference to co-opn. in civil as well as military aspects.  I told President we cdn't accept this.  President has recommended to A.E. Commn. (whose decn. is final) that this be omitted.
 Time-table means we must initial this to-day.  We may have to choose wtr we abandon this gt. prize because incln. of this reference.
x| We might accept - putting on record our view tht. co-opn. in civil matters wd.
  | continue to be handled under civil agreement.


Reference s unfortunate: but has no legal effect. If they include it, I wd. support x/


At this stage I wd. accept - subject to x/.  In the end believe we shall get more fr. U.S. than we give.


They are v. tough over export orders.


We shd. accept - despite the reference.


Wd. my letter be published?  I wd. feel free to publish if unfavourable comment here.


Not during the 30 days.


I wd. prefer private record.  Congress can still obstruct.


Get freedom to publish, if need be, after the 30 days. Agreed. Taken from C.C. 51(58) - Meeting held on 1 July 1958